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Pullmaster Winches In Australia Featured Post

Pullmaster Winches In Australia

Brevini Australia have been marketing winches since 1993, when the company first started locally. Part of the worldwide Brevini Power Transmission Group, Brevini has a range of winches in its large product offering.

Part of that offering is the PullMaster range of hydraulic winches and drives. The company is based in Surrey, BC, Canada. Initially the company started as B.C. Gearworks Ltd., a supplier of gears and machine components. In 1980, the company changed its name to Pullmaster Winch Corporation.

In 2000, Pullmaster appointed Brevini Australia as a distributor of their products locally.

Brevini Australia has had a long association with Pullmaster and continues to supply and service their products throughout the continent.

The Pullmaster range of winches has a wide range of applications and many capabilities. The range covers some basic types and configurations, including Equal Speed in Both Directions, Rapid Reverse, Free Fall Winches and Recovery Winches.

The Pullmaster range has a lot of options to extend each winch’s capability and ability to meet specific customer requirements.

We will be updating this website/blog, with more information on winches, especially on the Pullmaster range.

Pullmaster Winch Corporation is part of the Tulsa Winch Group (TWG), which began as single enterprise in 1921 as Tulsa Winch, Inc. Pullmaster was purchased by the group as one of several acquisitions made during the first decade of the 2000s.

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