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Hydraulic Planetary Winch – Pullmaster PL5 – suitable for lifting and lowering applications

Pullmaster Equal Speed Hydraulic Winch

Pullmaster PL5 hydraulic winch

Let’s take a look at this high performance, high efficiency planetary winch.

The Pullmaster PL5 has bare line pulls of up to 5,000 lbs (2,268 kg) and line speed of 141 ft/min (43 m/min), has equal speed in both directions and is compliant with OH&S recommendations covering applications where loads are raised and lowered.

When this winch was released some years ago, the PL5 was an iteration of the Model PL4, which already had considerable market acceptance, becoming an industry standard for this type of winch. In replacing the latter model, the PL5 has the same physical mounting dimensions, allowing easy replacement, without the need of any modification.

Powered by a hydraulic gear motor with either gear or piston hydraulic motor and  two stage planetary gearbox, the PL5 has a reduction ratio of 39:1. A spring applied (pressure released) multi-disc brake works automatically. An over-running clutch, located between the motor shaft and and the brake assembly, permits free ration in the hoisting direction, without affecting the brake.

When lowering, the over-running clutch locks, causing the brake discs to rotate between a series of divider discs. Dynamic braking is then achieved by modulation of the winch control valve handle. When the control is returned to neutral position, the brake applies automatically.

Note that a counter-balance valve is not required for smooth and positive control of the winch. During lowering of the load, the temperature generated by the disc brake is dissipated by a flow of hydraulic fluid supplied from the hydraulic motor. As this circulation flow is vented internally, there is no need for an external vent line.

Pulllmaster has led the industry with the use of rubber-coated seals in its winches. Pullmaster winches now use heavy duty stainless steel  drum seal surfaces. This feature helps ensure the optimum life of the seals, through the provision of a long lasting rotating seal surface that is resistant to corrosion. This also helps increase service life and serviceability of the winch.

There is a wide offering of options available for the PL5 planetary winch. Options include a wide range of drum sizes, opposite drum rotation, drum grooving, emergency free fall, external brake release and hydraulic piston motors.

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