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A Look At The Rapid Reverse Winch – Pullmaster H12

model-h12For a rapid reverse winch, you can’t go past the Pullmaster H12. This high performance, high efficiency planetary winch offers rapid reverse capability. The user can lower a load at high speed, with complete control.

The rapid lowering is done at approximately 4.5 times faster than the forward (hoisting) speed.

The H12 is part of the Pullmaster H-series winches, with line pull capabilities ranging from 3,856 kg (8,500 lb) to 22,680 kg (50,000 lb).

This range of Pullmaster winches is based on the same design principle as winches with equal speed in both directions. The “rapid reverse” feature locks out the primary reduction ratio when powered in reverse.

The Pullmaster H12 is powered by a hydraulic gear motor and the required reduction ration of 41:1 (forward rotation), which is set by two planetary reduction stages. In forward rotation (hoisting), the hydraulic motor drives directly into the planetary reductions without affecting the brake assembly.

When the forward motion is stopped, an over-running clutch, installed between the brake assembly and the motor drive shaft, will lock and the brake holds the load safely.

The multi-disc brake is spring applied—pressure released and hand has static and dynamic function. When the hydraulic motor is powered for reverse roation (lowering), the brake is released. This is then modulated for the desired lowering speed by a single control lever.

During reverse rotation, the primary planet reduction is locked out, resulting in the fast reversing speed. Note that a counter-balance valve or brake valve is not require for dynamic braking.

For long service life, all moving parts of the H12 winch are totally enclosed and run in an oil bath, for minimum maintenance.

There is a wide range of drum sizes available to provide you with larger cable storage capacities. For a positive lock for the cable, a ratchet and pawl assembly can be supplied as an integral part of the winch.

When required this model winch can be supplied with grooved drums. Hydraulic piston motors can be adapted for high pressure hydraulic systems. An option for external brake release is available.

The Pullmaster H12 winch is capable of forward speeds of up to 54 m/min and reverse speeds of up to 232 m/min.

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